Franklin & Brentwood TN Custom Roof

Franklin & Brentwood Custom Roof

The roofing industry is constantly changing and we at Roof Commander are dedicated to staying on top of the rules and regulations. We provide outstanding, customized specifications to fit each specific Franklin & Brentwood roofing need. Roof Commander custom design roofing systems help correct recurrent, costly and annoying roof problems to ensure a longer life for your new Franklin & Brentwood roof.

Are you looking to remodel or add a covered patio?

We specialize in custom roof designs with a focus on Tennessee’ intense sun and precipitation. We go above and beyond traditional services to provide the protection you need for your home or business!

While we do offer high-quality, tried-and true service solutions when it comes to our roofs, one of our priorities is ensuring that each customer has all their needs met – Whether through design aspects like adding skylights or providing insulation options, or remodeling jobs including new gutters, re-roofing projects across multiple sections of your home, porch/deck additions—the list goes on. 

For example: an addition could include solar panels powering a smart home system while also serving as shade cover during those hot summer days. 

Want To Improve The Value of Your Home?

Adding to your existing roofing system also benefits the value of your home if you ever plan on selling. A new layer onto an already existing roof may not seem like it would improve its worth or resell potential but, in reality, it can improve the overall value of your home and often pay for itself.