Can Your 
Franklin & Brentwood TN Roof Be Restored?

Can Your Franklin & Brentwood TN Roof Be Restored? Is it Time?

As a home or business owner, there are few things more daunting than the thought of having to replace your roof. It’s a worst-case scenario for most and made even more stressful by the difficulty most people have in identifying the trouble spots that give forewarning of the need for roof replacement. So, in our ongoing efforts to educate and enlighten, Roof Commander has prepared a brief overview of the warning signs you need to be on the lookout for when a new roof is needed.

As roofing types differ, especially sloped and flat roofing, there are different signs you’ll need to look for to provide the indication you need to call Roof Commander to get an estimate for your new roof installation. We’ll begin by looking at sloped, shingled roofing.

How to tell if you need roofing – shingle systems:

Your Roof’s Age: All roofing, even the most modern iterations, has a definite lifespan. It’s not everlasting. The first sign you may need roofing is your roofing’s age. If it’s over 20 years, you’re probably in need of new roofing. It’s also a good idea to keep an eye on your neighbors. Most housing developments are put up in a small window of time, so if you’re neighbors are in need of a new roof you could be too.

Your Roof’s Appearance: When a roof is in bad shape, it lets everyone know through a degraded appearance. It begins to look worn out and tired. You begin to see dark streaks caused by algae and patches of moss growing in areas with little sunlight. There may even be bald or patchy shingles easily visible from the ground. Those are all bad signs.

Your Shingles Themselves: Shingles are a fantastic roofing material, but they do have their weaknesses. Look at the high-sunlight areas of your roof for any shingles missing granules or buckling up from the decking. Check your gutters for any shingle granules that may have run off from the roof valleys. Those valleys are critical to moving moisture off your rooftop, and must be in good condition. Missing or cracked shingles are a bad sign as well.

Your Roof Above & Below: If possible, get up on your rooftop – being safe at all times – and walk along any questionable areas. Any spring in the decking is a sign of moisture damage. Go into your attic and look at your roof boards. Is any light penetrating? If so, you have a serious problem and need to call Roof Commander immediately. A crack, even a small one, can be big trouble for your property.

How to tell if you need roofing – flat systems:

Again, Roof Age: This goes for any type of roofing. When a product is designed, it has a specific service life in mind when tested and sold to the public. That means if your roof is approaching the manufacturer’s stated lifetime then you need a new roof. It’s not going to get any younger, after all.

Pooling of Water: Flat roofing is installed with a slope of a specific degree to ensure water is moved efficiently after precipitation from the roof to the gutter system – even if you can’t see it with the naked eye, it’s there. If you notice pooling of water that recurs in the same areas, or lasts for more than a day, then you need to speak to a professional from Roof Commander. Roof ponding is a sign of serious trouble.

Rips, Tears & Cracks: These are obvious signs of distress and should never be ignored. Flat roof systems are a complex, interdependent group of layers. Cracks and tears mean that system is compromised. If repairs aren’t done, you could be facing even greater issues down the line. Rips don’t fix themselves and could be a warning sign of imminent failure.

Old Substandard Roofing: Unfortunately, many builders never thought about quality roofing when they were throwing up subdivisions across the US. That’s led to some very shoddy roofing being found in every state and in serious need of repair or replacement. This is especially true for those structures using tar and gravel and other difficult to inspect materials. These old-style roofs make for hit-and-miss repair work – even for the very best roofers. You can’t inspect a sandwich of glue to find a hole. You could have water entering your home from thirty feet away and a pro would miss it. You’re better off getting a new roof and saving money on unneeded repairs over the next 10 years.

As you can see, there are clear ways to tell if you need roofing. With our help, and a few minutes looking over your structure, you’ll probably have an answer to your question. Or, if you’d prefer to leave it to the professionals, simply call on Roof Commander and we’ll provide the straightforward answers you need – not to mention the finest service in all of Franklin & Brentwood.